The map above shows trail segments of the Creekline Trails of Opelika Master Plan that are either under construction or under consideration for a future trail building project. The Master Plan and this map will be updated periodically as our Master Plan unfolds in the future.

ZOOM AND PAN: Using a computer mouse, you may place your cursor on the map and use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out, and click and hold your cursor to pan for a different view. In the black banner at the top, note the icon on the far left (click to reveal a list of segments) and the icon on the far right (click to view a larger map)

COLOR CODE: GREEN is a trail segment under construction. PURPLE shows potential trail segments under consideration for future trail projects. GRAY shows segments not included in the current Master Plan.

DROP PINS: Click on a DROP PIN related to any segment for details (Segment number, name, and short description.) Drop pins are placed at the approximate start of a segment or to indicate the approximate area where parking may be located in the future.


Download a PDF version of the MAP OF THE CREEKLINE TRAILS MASTER PLAN - 2023-2030.

Download a PDF version of the FULL TEXT of the MASTER PLAN AND MAP - 2023-2030.

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