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To transform the vision of the Creekline Trails of Opelika into actual plans and projects, a citizen-led Advisory Board was formed in 2019. The Advisory Board is made up of local citizen leaders with participation by representatives from key parts of the City of Opelika. The Advisory Board is responsible for organizing, planning, developing, and implementing trail and greenway projects at carefully qualified sites throughout the City. The work of the Advisory Board is managed through five working committees – Design/Construction, Fundraising, Media, Planning, and Public Relations/Outreach.

In partnership with the City of Opelika and others, The Advisory Board plans and develops multi-use trails and nature path projects along creeksides and greenways, promotes fundraising and sponsorships, manages donated funds, promotes and coordinates volunteer events, and advocates for the development and conservation of trails and greenways throughout Opelika.

The leadership and members of the Advisory Board are dedicated to serve our community by creating creekside trails and greenway projects that connect neighbors with nature for a healthier lifestyle we all can enjoy.

The Creekline Trails of Opelika project is sponsored by the Envision Opelika Foundation, Inc. The Foundation graciously serves as the project’s 501(c)(3) umbrella and fiscal sponsor.



Michael Akins, Acting Coordinator

Barbara Patton, Treasurer

Jerrie Nacrelli, Secretary

Dani Nelson, Design/Construction

Richard Patton, Funding

Open, Planning

Open, Media

Open, Public Relations/Outreach

Graham Yuill, Board Member

Scott Parker, Board Member (City of Opelika, Engineering Department)

John Sweatman, Board Member (City of Opelika, Economic Development)

Matt Mosley, Board Member (City of Opelika, Planning Department)

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